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WVAEPS Strongly Supports Early Eye Drop Refill Legislation 

Older patients face new challenges in protecting and saving their eye sight, challenges the physicians and surgeons of the WVAEPS are committed to helping them overcome.

It is easy to swallow a pill, but getting an eye drop in an eye every time, especially when a person has arthritis or is visually impaired, can be difficult. Often a patient will accidentally deplete his supply of medicine before the next scheduled refill.   

Generic medications have to meet certain standards for the concentration of the drug. Drop size is not controlled, and often times the drops are too big; the patient runs out of drops too soon.  Going without treatment for 9 to 10 days leads to loss of vision.  This is unacceptable.


Through the Academy’s efforts, the West Virginia legislature is currently studying the need for a state “Early Eye Drop Refill Bill” ensuring topical ophthalmic treatment early refills are treated in a manner similar to or consistent with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) guidelines for all covered individuals. A 30-day prescription would be eligible for refill at twenty-one days, a 60-day prescription at forty-two days, and a 90-day prescription at sixty-three days.  

Early refills of eye drops can help keep our elderly from going blind.  This bill would enable eye care providers and insurance companies to work together to provide the best possible outcome for senior citizens in West Virginia.  

The WVAEPS will continue to monitor the legislature’s discussion of this issue and continue to urge passage of Early Eye Drop Refill Legislation in West Virginia.