Member Benefits:

Member benefits include educational and networking opportunities, a voice in our state government, and insurance discounts.  Learn more about becoming a part of the only state professional medical society exclusively for ophthalmologists.

Education and Networking:

 Earn CMEs, hear the latest research and advancements, and connect with other ophthalmologists during an Academy conference or meeting.    

The Annual Meeting is a spring event and rotates through different locations throughout the state.   During this conference,   members have access to seminars taught by leading experts from around the country, with information on practical issues and new discoveries that affect the practice of ophthalmology.  In addition, participants can earn at least 9 AMA PMA Category 1 credits.  Vendors are on site, and of course, several social activities are available.  

Regional meetings take place in the fall, with a Northern Region (Morgantown area) and a Southern Region (Charleston area).  The evening’s activities include a cutting-edge speaker and dinner, along with discussion of Academy business.  

Insurance Discount:   Thanks to a cooperative venture agreement with the Ophthalmic Mutual Insurance Company (OMIC), WVAEPS members can enjoy savings on their practice insurance.  The standard deduction is a 5% premium discount; members who attend a qualifying co-sponsored risk management course can increase their deduction to 10%.  

Membership is limited to licensed ophthalmologists and residents (special discounted fees available to residents and first year members).  Dues are considered a business expense; approximately 35% are used for government lobbying and cannot be claimed.   

Becoming a WVAEPS Member

Who is eligible? Every licensed, reputable and professionally qualified ophthalmologist practicing in any state of the United States and subscribing to the purposes of the West Virginia Academy of Eye Physicians & Surgeons (WVAEPS) and agreeing to abide by its charter, support its bylaws and be guided professionally by its Code of Ethics shall be eligible for membership.

Active Members

All Doctors of Medicine or Osteopathy who have met the requirements of Board eligibility for the American Board of Ophthalmology, shall be eligible for active membership in the Academy.

Honorary Members

The title of Honorary Member may be given to any member of the West Virginia Academy of Eye Physicians & Surgeons who has been a regular member in good standing for at least ten consecutive years and meets one of the following criteria:

(a) is incapacitated or disabled and unable to engage in the practice of ophthalmology;

(b) is completely retired from the practice of ophthalmology, or

(c) is no longer performing surgery and is practicing only part-time medical ophthalmology. 

The member requesting honorary status must submit a letter justifying the request to the Executive Committee, which may then grant this status at its discretion.

West Virginia Academy of Eye Physicians & Surgeons Bylaws

Ophthalmologists from other states or nations may, upon approval of the Executive Committee, become an associate member of the West Virginia Academy of Eye Physicians & Surgeons.

Resident Members

Students in good standing in approved medical residency programs for ophthalmology may become a resident member of the Academy upon approval by the Executive Committee.

Membership Dues

Active members shall have full and equal privileges to vote, hold office, serve on committees, and to participate in all affairs of the Academy.  Annual dues for all active members are $750.00 per year.  Annual dues shall be prorated as follows:  residents, no charge; first year practitioners, $350.00; second year practitioners, $550.00; and Honorary, no charge.

Attainment of Loss of Membership

Candidates for active membership in the Academy shall present an application, accompanied by annual dues and endorsement of two active members to the Secretary/Treasurer.

Applications shall be voted on as early as possible by the Executive Committee, and approved by a majority of the committee. 

Dues are based on the calendar year, however, the Membership Chair may pro-rate depending upon the time of the year the membership application is submitted and subsequently approved. All applications are subject to the review and approval of the Membership Committee.

For more information on becoming a WVAEPS Member, contact Kim Ebert, Administrative Director, at 304-598-4861.

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