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The new OCT angiography system is the first to allow quick, noninvasive measurement of retinal blood flow density.

This analysis of data from the CATT and IVAN trials found no evidence that VEGFR2 genotypes affect response to anti-VEGF therapy in patients with wet AMD, contrary to a previous report.

Alcon has entered the MIGS market with its acquisition of Transcend Medical and its micro-stent CyPass.

Aerie Pharmaceuticals announced positive 12-month interim safety results for Rhopressa, a once-daily eye drop for patients with glaucoma or ocular hypertension.

The ArcScan Insight 100 can image and measure anterior chamber depth, angle-to-angle width, individual corneal layers and sulcus-to-sulcus width, all with micron level precision.

Six-month results from this phase 2 randomized study shows that the anti-seizure drug phenytoin protects against retinal nerve fiber layer loss in acute optic neuritis.