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This retrospective study shows that illuminated microcatheter-assisted trabeculotomy can treat childhood glaucoma with a better success rate and greater IOP control compared to traditional trabeculotomy.

The early advantage aflibercept showed in treating patients with DME narrowed after 2 years of treatment, according to follow-up data from the Protocol T study.

Patients participating in OpenNotes demonstrated better recall of their medical plans, felt more in control of their care and were more likely to take their medications.

An aldehyde-binding eye drop showed it can significantly reduce ocular itching and tearing.

Medidur, an injectable insert that provides sustained release of flucinolone acetonide for 3 years, helps prevent recurrence of posterior uveitis.

This non-randomized clinical trial assessed the efficacy of 2% ibopamine, a topical drug that temporarily increases aqueous production, for diagnosing glaucoma.