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The U.S. FDA has granted orphan drug designation to AGTC’s gene therapy product candidate for the treatment of achromatopsia caused by mutations in the CNGA3 gene.

A randomized trial from has shown ranibizumab is as effective as panretinal photocoagulation in treating PDR, and better than laser in preserving patients’ peripheral and night vision.

Long-term response to anti-VEGF therapy in DME may be predicted after 3 injections at 12 weeks

Pfizer today announced it reached a $160 billion deal to merge with Allergan.

Eyegate Pharmaceuticals announced promising interim data showing iontophoresis can non-invasively deliver dexamethasone phosphate to the posterior segment.

The authors of this randomized trialfound that neither cataract surgery nor IOL type have a significant impact on circadian photoentrainment or sleep quality.