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Scientists have shown that human cells can be reprogrammed to grow sheets of corneal tissue, and that stem cells in the human eye can be coaxed to regrow clear lenses after cataract surgery.

Acucela Inc. and YouHealth Eyetech Inc. have signed an agreement to develop a pharmacologic treatment for cataracts.

Two late-stage trials identify safety issues for Aerie Pharmaceuticals new glaucoma treatment, Rhopressa.

Formycon is solidifying its position in ophthalmologic follow-on products with the development of a biosimilar for aflibercept. It joins the follow-on version of ranibizumab that is already in Phase 3 clinical trials.

Using a new low-vision assessment tool developed specifically for patients implanted with retinal prostheses, investigators showed that Second Sight's Argus II improves the ability of blind individuals to perform everyday tasks.

The Triggerfish contact lens has a built-in sensor that could help identify patients at higher risk of glaucoma progression.