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In 2008 the WV Legislature amended the drivers’ license statute to require vision screening every time one renews their drivers’ licenses.  

The new law, §17B-2-12a requires the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to assure an eye screen test has been performed within 90 days every time someone applies or renews their license. A person can drive as long as their visual acuity is 20/60 or better in one eye, as long as the eye care specialist states that they feel the person has sufficient vision to safely operate a motor vehicle.  
Drivers may get their eyes tested at the doctor’s office within 90 days of their license renewal and avoid the eye screen process at the DMV offices.  Any licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist can perform a regular eye exam and complete the DLAB 2 form for the patient.  The patient must take the completed and signed DLAB2 form with them to the DMV offices. One may download by clicking the DLAB2 form.

Commercial Drivers’ License Vision Test Form

A physician may be asked to complete an eye exam for an individual applying or renewing their Commercial Drivers’ License.  A different form is required—DLAB2-CDL.

There is also a Medical Examiners Certificate the driver needs completed.

Medical Review Request

A physician or family member may complete a Medical Review Form and submit to the DMV for a medical review to determine if the individual should continue to drive.  Medical Review Request.

More Information

If you want to read the actual law (§17B-2-12a—scroll to 12a) that defines the vision screening requirement.

If you want to read the rules governing the vision requirements (Title 91, Legislative Rules for DMV, Series 5 Denial, Suspension, Revocation, Restriction, Cancellation or Nonrenewal of Driver Privileges).

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