• Post Nominal: MMSc, COMT, ROUB, CDOS
  • Title: Owner
  • Company: Eye Scan Consulting

Rhonda G. Waldron, MMSc, COMT, ROUB, CDOS, has been a significant figure in the field of ophthalmic ultrasound since the early 1990s. After joining the Emory University Eye Center in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1988, she has dedicated herself to providing high-quality ophthalmic ultrasound training to both physicians and ophthalmic technical personnel.

In 1999, she founded her own company, Eye Scan Consulting. This venture focuses on offering regional and private accredited educational seminars in areas such as Ophthalmic Biometry and IOL Calculations, as well as Diagnostic B-Scan Ultrasound and UBM. Her expertise and dedication to education have led her to deliver lectures at prestigious meetings, including those organized by JCAHPO, ATPO, the American and European Societies of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the Hawaiian Eye Meeting, the Middle Eastern African Council of Ophthalmology, and the Romanian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Rhonda's educational accomplishments are impressive. She received her COMT in 1984, earned her Master of Medical Science in Ophthalmic Technology from Emory University in 1994, became a Registered Ophthalmic Ultrasound Biometrist in 1997, and achieved certification as a Diagnostic Ophthalmic Sonographer in 2001. Her contributions to the field are not limited to education and service; she has also authored or co-authored numerous publications over the years and is the author of online chapters for Medscape entitled "A-Scan Biometry" and "Ocular B-Scan Ultrasound."

After nearly 36 years of dedicated service, Rhonda recently retired from Emory, where she served as a Diagnostic Echographer and held the faculty appointment of Senior Associate in Ophthalmology. However, her retirement has not slowed her down. She continues to lead accredited seminars across the globe on IOL Calculations and B-Scan Ultrasound and serves as the Ultrasound Imaging Specialist and consultant for Aura Biosciences' AU-011 Ocular Melanoma Trial.

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